Woman Hacks up Boiled Hetti in Local Family’s Kitchen!

This very night, May 8, 2008, an strange woman cooks boiled Hetti (whatever that is) in a local family’s kitchen.

What is this strange food? Who knows. It could be poison! Who will be this woman’s first victim? Now, if a strange woman ever enters your home, don’t eat what she puts on your dinner plate!

May 8, 2008. Random Stuff. 1,606 Comments.

My Mom is pregnant… Yes - AGAIN


Well, from the title you may think that I don’t want another baby.  That I say, you already have five, Mom! But, that is far from the truth.  I love babies and can’t wait to have another.  That may be because I only think about the good things a baby is for like rocking, feeding, and putting to sleep.  And that I don’t think about the things most kids don’t like about babies like changing their diapers, burping up all over the person that just happened to be holding you at the time, and getting drooled upon.  But I really am excited. Maybe, finally, I will learn how to change a diaper, because when the last baby was here and needed a diaper, I was too young to know how to change it.  And being almost twelve, I’m going to probably have a few baby-sitting jobs next summer and it would be pretty embarrassing to have the parents come home and find their baby crying because I didn’t change it’s diaper.  So I really can’t wait.  November seems so far away!

May 5, 2008. Family. 312 Comments.